Enhanced features includes the following services. The availability of these services may vary depending on the country, device model, and your network operator.

Profile sharing
- The profiles in your Contacts list are synchronised periodically. Synchronised information includes public profile images, birthdays, and email addresses. Periodic synchronisation requires wireless data transmission which may result in additional charges depending on your payment plan.

Enhanced messaging
- You can send long text messages and share full-size images with your friends. If Enhanced messaging is available, you can send messages to others who are using this service without incurring standard SMS/MMS charges. Sending messages may result in additional charges depending on your wireless connectivity and payment plan.

Link Sharing
- Easily share large amounts of data via Link Sharing. Uploaded content is only stored on the Samsung storage server only for a limited period, so if recipients do not access the shared content within this time the content sender must upload the data again. Shared content can be accessed using a temporary access code generated by the Link Sharing app. Download the Link Sharing app from app stores such as Play Store.

Story sharing
- Story sharing helps you share your stories with your friends by creating groups and inviting your contacts. You can add and delete images and videos in stories. Shared content may be removed from the Samsung storage server after a reasonable period. Remember that when you remove items from a story, the items will also be removed from the story on other members’ devices. The items will still be viewable on other members’ devices if they download the files before you remove them from the story.
Your contacts who do not use Enhanced features will be shown by their names saved in Contacts and receive links to images and videos via text messages. Make sure that these contacts know that the links should not be redistributed to any third parties.